A Christian Attorney with Your Best Interests at Heart.

Experienced Lawyers Focused on Christian Values. Assisting Individuals, Families, and businesses throughout the Upper Cumberland.

There are many influences upon our lives: family, faith, experiences and education. Certainly one of the main influences upon our lives is our faith in Jesus Christ. This means a daily consideration of His life as our example, and His teachings as our benchmarks. We seek to "do unto others as I would have them do unto me."

We believe that every person is of unique and great value, which motivates us to do our very best as our client's advocate and legal counselor. We have discovered that the best opportunity for obtaining success for our clients is to conduct ourselves in a professional way toward other attorneys, judges, court personnel and the other party. However, at no time does this viewpoint interfere with aggressive advocacy of our client's case — it actually makes it easier to be effective.

Small Practice

We maintain an independent law practice rather than work for the government, a county, a city, a large law firm or other attorneys. This gives us not only total discretion as to whether to represent a particular person or cause, but it also means that each and every client that we represent is one that will have our utmost personal loyalty and attention.

Helping People by Serving the Complete Needs of Clients

The people who visit our office for legal service are often in turmoil, facing some of the most significant challenges of their lives. Particularly for families embroiled in the struggle of a criminal case, divorce or clients who are taking on the responsibility of a new business venture, the practical matters of law, finances and risk can weigh heavily. Our law practice is committed to helping clients face their natural sense of fear and frustration.

As Christian attorneys whose moral compass is grounded in faith and fellowship, We may offer many things for our clients:

  • Strong Legal Representative: Our practice is backed by 33 years of experience as a Civil and Criminal Trial Advocates.
  • Reliable Legal Advisor: We will put our personal and practical experience behind every recommendation. We offer personalized service to meet your situation and needs.
  • Trusted Counselor: We understand and sympathize with the struggles our clients are facing. For those who want our support, we can help guide you.
  • Sympathetic Ear: We understand that our clients face major challenges - taking the time to listen to you is our first and foremost duty. Many people find it beneficial to work with a professional who has witnessed the hardships that arise in criminal law, family law, business litigation or personal injury matters.

The lawyer you hire can be more than just an impersonal professional who dispenses legal advice. We strive to build enduring client relationships and make every client understand that they are enlisting both a legal advocate and a trusted advisor.


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